Happy New Year's 2014

2013 Marketing Trends Recap and UnResolution for 2014

Quick Recap of 2013 Marketing Trends … plus my UnResolutions recap and new for 2014!

New Year 2014

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This can’t be a comprehensive review post on all the key trends and tips in marketing from 2013 – but it CAN give you a taste. I’d also say go back and check the Marketing Mix Monthly Round-up posts for the past few months, here at The InfoHound. [wink wink nudge nudge]

Some key takeaways – video is only going to grow faster and bigger, content marketing is here to stay for every type/stripe and level of marketer, no matter your target; and it will always, always be a good idea to do more listening than you do talking.

 2013 Marketing Trends Recaps –

Here’s one of the best posts of 2013 that I came across – a great infographic of 21 things in marketing you should STOP doing right now – especially for nonprofits (Libraries – take note and heed here!).

This is just a list of awesome! Common sense, backed by stats and research, from a well-respected leader in nonprofit marketing.

And I couldn’t agree more with so many of the items on the list! Particularly loved the admonishment to stop writing to yourself – your board, your directors or bosses – YOU are NOT your target  [in nearly all cases – some exceptions]. So stop writing what you want to hear or like reading, especially if you are not similar/identical to your ideal target market / donor / patron. This may become a mantra-like message from me over the next year. So, beware!

Marketing ProfsReview of 2013’s marketing trends – once again, a very nice infographic from the MProfs folks

Some stats that stand out:

  •   90% of B2C and 93% of B2B marketers used content marketing this year
  •  And they are using on average, 12 different content tactics (e.g. social media, blogging, videos, newsletters, infographics, webinars, etc)
    But better and bigger question – do they all have a PLAN for using those tactics, or is still ‘throw against a virtual wall and see what sticks’ methods?
  •  54% of Americans are on more than one content platform (i.e. desktop, phone, tablet) and that’s a HUGE jump from the 10% in 2012.

Research & stats come from multiple sources, including CMI’s recent reports (see the Dec 6th blog post where I mention one of CMI’s reports under the Nonprofit section) plus Forbes, Mediapost and Business Insider.

[For more of the CMI research, head here for B2B, B2C, Nonprofits, Small Business and more annual reports]

2013 Marketing Trends

More from Marketing Profs –  Execs are placing higher emphasis on digital marketing and seeing a gap in available skills among staffs.

This is especially true for Analytics, Mobile, Content Marketing.  Study and report from Online Marketing Institute

Digital Marketing Skills Gap

Could be some opportunities here for the people with the right skills but currently in other industries or positions. For those of us who are already info pros, a chance to take a lead and shine a light on our skills and contributions?

From Heinz Marketing, via Smart Briefs‘B2B marketing’s greatest lessons from 2013′

Article consists of interviews done w/ several b2b marketers and their thoughts on heading into a new year.

One quote I really love and echo heartedly, ‘don’t stop asking questions, no matter how well you think you know your target audience’

This applies to so much more than b2b marketing! For consumer marketing and nonprofit marketing as well. You just can’t assume you know what your audience wants and needs – it changes. You have to get in their heads and best way to do that is to politely ask them!

I have to strive to do more of that kind of asking in my own business and marketing for 2014.

Small Biz Trends.com –  article discusses how Social Media has slipped from spot as the #1 business marketing trend, especially for small businesses. Many are using SM, but complain that they aren’t seeing results.

Is it that SM is ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’, or more a matter of businesses not using SM in the most effective way for their individual target markets? If you’re target market isn’t on Twitter, then why are you focusing your business efforts there?

Do you even know which social media your targets are using most frequently?  Better get on that research for 2014!  [Need research help? Perhaps ask your friendly neighborhood InfoHound?!]

CMI’s ’36 Content Marketing Ideas from 2013’ recap post. [coming soon, a link to their 2014 predictions report]

“Video is the ‘next’ big trend” –  More like it’s ALREADY here, but will only get bigger and spread farther in 2014.

I’ll be working on taking what I’ve been learning in 2013 about video and putting it to use in 2014. Will you be too?

And finally, a recap of UnResolutions and looking forward to tomorrow and the start of 2014!

Need to review what an “UnResolution” is and to see what I suggested for UnResolutions from/for 2013? Now, how did I do?

  •             ‘Stop thinking it’s about ‘me’ or ‘you’ when talking to or with a target audience –

Well, I’d like to think I’m practicing what I preach on that one. But there’s always room for more improvement. In particular I need to make sure I’m using the same language as my audience to talk about potential issues and struggles.
And call me out on it if I’m not!

  •             ‘Stop making things more complicated than they need to be’ –

Oh dear, this may need to be a long term goal!
As a solopreneur with a still fledgling business, I can’t really delegate the way many advise or I might want to. I haven’t outsourced anything, so I may be spinning some wheels on tasks that others could do faster than I can. I am also still prone to distraction and seduction by online Shiny Objects – of marketing tools, content, programs, courses and webinars. I just love learning new stuff!


2014 is for action and doing, not just learning.
Put to use all the good stuff I’ve culled from 2013 (and the years before).

So, maybe that’s my big, overall UnResolution for 2014 –

STOP sitting, listening and learning and just get up and DO.

It may be imperfect (gulp .. gotta learn to live with that), but it will be done. Out there, into the world, connected to my audience, and bringing engaged folks back here to me.

What’s YOUR UnResolution for 2014?


Happy New Year dear friends!  Happy New Year's 2014

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