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Want to Get Smarter About Marketing?

You probably do! But …   Maybe you’ve built a successful solopreneur business and you have clients lining up at your door. Maybe you’re doing ok with your solo info work. Maybe you have a complete handle on all you need to know about marketing a solo service business.

If so, hey, that’s awesome! Drop me an email and let’s talk. You’re doing great and I want to share your stories!

But…  if that’s NOT you quite yet … if you’ve wondered how as a solo info-preneur you’re supposed to know it all and do it all … well, STOP! Stop trying to do it all solo all the time. You need someone who’s already done the heavy work, digging up all the info on smarter marketing. You need The InfoHound on your side. I LIVE for digging up smarter marketing resources to share!

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.  ~ Tom Fishburne

What You Need Right Now Is Some Marketing Help

Yes, a little help. A hand up, a shortcut, a light shining in the dark corners of marketing. You could use someone who’s already dug up the latest research on marketing trends, found you the best marketing tools, gives you tips – AND offers some Done-For-You services in areas that just aren’t your strengths or skill set. You need help figuring out what parts of marketing you need to learn (and what you CAN outsource), you need some instruction, some

You’re in the right place. The InfoHound is all about digging up smarter marketing and bringing it right to you. Think of me as the hound that sniffs out the best tips, your dedicated info retriever.

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