30 Day Challenge – Content Creation

Happy Independence Day! You’re Free to Try Something New

30 Day Challenge – Content Creation

30 Day Challenge - Unlock creative content

Content is king. If you’re in business then you know that marketing and traffic generation today revolves around having tons of useful, relevant, engaging content for whomever your audience is.


Creating content is not always so easy. But in the 30 Day New to You Challenge we’re going to give some tips on how to make it easier to create something interesting, every day!


  • Write 500 words every day – yes, every day. That’s why we’re only aiming for 500 – it’s a few paragraphs [e.g. see the 1st post this week, the intro+suggestions = about 500].
    • You don’t have to show anyone, you don’t have to post it – but maybe what you write will turn into something more by the end of the month [an ebook, a white paper, a longform blog post, a school project, an everyday journaling habit]


  • Create a 30 second video every day (again, no one has to see it – or see all of them)
    • Use your computer’s webcam, or your smartphone – you do have access to video and don’t worry about expensive tools, cameras, editing or lighting (well, don’t do this in a dark, gloomy room – unless your genre is horror films)
    • Stop worrying about what you look like – we all look like that on video … unless we’re Charlize Theron or Bradley Cooper

Celebrate the 4th of July and American Independence with this little video snippet of a reading of the Declaration of Independence, in Philadelphia near Independence Hall.


  • Take a picture every day –
    • A photo of something different
    • Or take 1 of the same scene every day and watch for changes
    • Take 1 photo each day on the same theme, but a different item/person/place/scene [e.g. things that say summer, birds, insects, flowers, kids playing, your backyard, your office, funny signs (my cousin did this on a road trip), desserts, old buildings, portraits, etc]
  • Post a picture every day – preferably one you’ve actually taken that day


  • Create something else visual – a chart, graph, infographic, mashup, some text on a photo – something


Content Creation Assistance: Some writing tips and brainstorming ideas


Try writing about something else – pick a different topic area than you normally write about (if you have a blog, website, Tumblr account or anywhere with more than 140 characters). For example, if you normally write about social media, try thinking about money tips or finances, or write commentary on a current movie or book; or if you usually write about pop culture, try writing about the business of entertainment and pop culture. Just look at the world a little differently in order to use a different part of brain and be more creative.


Also consider trying a different style, or tone. Instead of a list, write a how-to-do something, or write an op-ed, or review a book. What would your dream interview be?


Embarrassing/amusing stories – think back on moments in your life when you were embarrassed or a funny moment (it may not have seemed terribly funny at the time, life is like that!) and write about what you learned. What does that moment mean for you now? How might it relate to your career or professional life, or the niche you serve in your business?


Dislikes – write about something you disagree with or don’t care for. What practices or habits really wind you up? Have you had a bad customer service experience lately? Write about what it was like and how you’d have liked it to be fixed. Be creative and let your passions fly!


Likes – write about something you adore. It could be your favorite movie, book, must-see-TV, band/musician or song. What’s your favorite clothing brand – and why? If you could only recommend 1 item in your kitchen to a person just starting on their own, what would it be and why? Had a really great customer service experience? What made it awesome?