Marketing Mix Monthly – August

learning-teaching-school-chalkboard-tablet-73497_640Back to School Time! But you’re always learning with the Marketing Mix Monthly from The InfoHound!

Yes, yes. I know it’s September, we’re a few days into many families school routines (‘ouch!’ for my educator friends who started back in mid August) and so, this roundup is perhaps a few days late. But hey, there was a national holiday in there, last minute summer ‘fun’ to be had … and work. And summer … and ice cream to make …. and work …


HubSpot – 7/31/14: ‘How to consistently keep up with the latest social media trends’  – which we all know is really hard to do!

Always new tools, new features, new tweaks to the big social networks – and the growing legion of niche networks – so it’s hard to keep track.

Creative Bloq:  A not  so new – but very useful –  round up of free (some  are only free w/ trial or limited aspects) tools for creating infographics.

I’ve used and the bits of, a few times in the past, but Piktochart is probably the ‘leader’.  However, it’s free account version is quite limited. Also of note, is a bit like Fiverr – you submit a creative brief for your design projects and get teams or individuals to bid and work on it. Not great for someone just looking for a tool to help them create an infographic.


REELSEO – 8/28/14: ‘71% of Marketers Confirm Video Converts Better than Other Content’media player_dark_illus

Wow. We’ve been hearing anecdotes and tons of stories about video for marketing, and why you need to jump onboard. I think I’ve mentioned it myself, certainly in various Marketing Mix Roundups. But here’s a study with feedback from other marketers showing power of video.

This post might mention that you should host your own videos  … well, that’s a controversial opinion!  Videos can be big-time hogs of bandwidth and storage. They (and your site) could come to a slow, crashing halt.  You  CAN save/host them on something like AmazonS3 and use plugins to pull them back to your site. Can still run into stickiness.

If you’re a big corporation, nonprofit, college or have a seriously large video archive – you can go with a special video hosting platform (Wistia, EZWebPlayer, etc).  But for most of us smaller fish – libraries, small non-profits, solopreneurs – you go the more standard route of uploading to Vimeo (for ones you may need to protect) or YouTube and embedding on your page or post.  You can’t really NOT post to YouTube anymore, because you do want the video found, right? Google’s search results love YouTube.

[Study from Vidyard + Ascend2 – do note – Vidyard is a video hosting/marketing platform, Ascend2 is a marketing research firm – so it’s definitely in Vidyard’s best interests to find research to back up use of video!]


MProfs – 8/27/14: podcast/ interview w/ Marketing Profs Chief Content Officer, author, co-founder of ClickZ – Ann Handley -on writing, being a ‘recovering writer’ and ‘how to hate writing less’ …  or how it can be less painful at least

Or If you want to go directly to the audio, here  ya go: download it and listen on your next drive or workout.


lightbulbCMI – 8/18/14: ‘ 7 thoughts that will change your content marketing strategy’

From founder, author Joe Pulizzi – ‘the main things that keep me up at night as a content marketer’ – some interesting and perhaps controversial notions. [e.g. ‘forget real-time marketing; kill a channel; and if you’re not aiming to be ‘best of breed’ then start over]

Maybe that’s why he’s still considered by some as the father (or at least wise sage) of content marketing.


SocialMedia Examiner – 8/26/14: ‘ How to get started with visual content marketing’ – ‘especially when you don’t have a designer in-house’ (hello?! Who but the big orgs have that, right?! So the rest of us need help and tools).dm-tools-tips-for-adding-visual-content-480

The post is a nice mix of recommended tools and tips on how to create good looking visual elements, without that need for a graphic designer.

The 2 tools mentioned first are both faves of mine: PicMonkey and Canva. I can’t say enough about how cool Canva is, what great templates, free art, cheap stock and tons and tons of useful tips and tutorials. Yeah, yeah – I’ve gushed over Canva before – I’ll do it again!

PicMonkey is a another web-based app/tool that will grab images from your desktop, mobile, Dropbox, etc for photo editing, graphics editing, filters and more. It’s gotten love from and also offers plenty of tutorials, guides and help in using its features.

Of the mobile apps mentioned for graphic design, photo editing, word-tweaking – I’m currently using Over, but will have to check out the others mentioned. I’m also a huge fan of PhotoGene2 [apparently there's now a PhotoGene4 as well! hmmm] + Hipstamatic. Nothing takes better pics of food on your phone than Hipstamatic( DC film + Loftus lens )- see, that’s the cool thing about that app – it let’s you change ‘film’, ‘flash’ and ‘lens’ like you had a real SLR – filters, lighting, color, focus point all built in. Voila!


What are your fave mobile apps for photos (beyond Instagram!) ?

Information Professionals and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

small business solo person directionDreaming of going out on your own? Becoming a solopreneur? Launching your own business?


Library professionals, info pros, knowledge managers, research analysts, competitive intelligence specialists, information analysts, business/pharmaceutical/scientific research experts – I’m  talking to all of you!

Have you ever thought about consulting or starting a research business or info-centric firm of your own? Want to ask some who’ve already walked this path (including yours truly, @TheInfoHound1) – well Tuesday August 19th is your chance.  Join a LIVE Tweet Chat with the SLA and AIIP at 3pm EDT as we talk and answer questions for an hour.

#SLAtalk: Trailblazing! Info Pros and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

 Passion. Positivity. Adaptability. Leadership. Ambition.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, it is these five traits that exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit.

Join @SLAhq and theAIIP-SLA logos Association of Independent Information Professionals (@AIIP) for an hour-long Twitter chat about what it takes to be a trailblazing information professional. Whether you are already an independent info pro, looking for a career change or are leading the pack from within your company, share how you exemplify an entrepreneurial spirit within your industry.

Tuesday, August 19th from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm EDT
What time is that where you are?
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What will we be talking about?

Q1       (first 15 minutes)        Talk about an entrepreneurial break-through moment in your career. If you own your own research business, how did you win your first client? If you provide in-house services to a company, how did you “sell” your services to an important member of the organization? Or, how did you gain the support needed to undertake an important project?
Q2       (second 15 minutes)    Personal branding. Whether you work independently or in-house, how do you make yourself known? More than just marketing, how do you be a self-starting, risk tolerant and just an all-around go-getter in order to be a trailblazing info pro?
Q3       (third 15 minutes)       If you’re thinking about making the leap into the independent info pro world, what tips or advice would you like to know? If you are already independent, what would you tell someone new to your professional community?
Q4       (fourth 15 minutes)     What are some best practices to having an entrepreneurial spirit? What are some skills, mantras or attitudes one can create and maintain for themselves in order to keep the spirit alive?

Can’t join us live on Twitter? Check the SLA Blog’s #SLAtalk category for the recap which will be posted following the session.

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