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Maybe You Don’t Need The InfoHound’s Marketing Academy

Maybe you’ve built a successful solopreneur business and you have clients lining up at your door. Maybe you’re doing ok with your solo info work. Maybe you have a complete handle on all you need to know about marketing a solo service business.

If so, hey, that’s awesome! Drop me an email and I’ll add YOU as an instructor here. For real!

But if that’s NOT you … if you’ve wondered how as a solopreneur you’re supposed to know it all and do it all … stop worrying, stop trying to do everything.

Does this sound like you?

You’re a solopreneur using your skills, years of experience, varied background and your own unique approach to deliver business-building, organization-changing consulting, research or information services to your clients.

You’re an innovative, diligent, smart, resourceful service-based business owner. You know what you know … and also recognize what you don’t know, but need to know.

You’ve been a solo info-entrepreneur for a little while and you’ve got a lot of those business basics down …  but you’re not satisfied with where you are. You’re sure you could be doing better, helping more clients. You’re looking to take your business to bigger, better, stronger, more consistent levels.

And you know that to reach bigger, more consistent levels you need a more consistent client flow.

You need to stop the tactics carousel and get on a path to more strategic, effective – consistent – marketing.


But how do you get on that path?

Maybe You DO Need The InfoHound’s New Marketing Academy!

Why Marketing Matters So Much to Solopreneurs – Especially Service Businesses

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” – Tom Fishburne

Marketing is about bringing yourself to your clients in a way that is compelling, attracting, desirable – and you can’t outsource your personality, talent, experience, or essence. And when your business is YOU, you ARE your business. You are the very walking, talking, coaching, consulting, researching, writing embodiment of your business.  Most often, YOU are what your clients are looking for. It’s your personality, experience and skills in a special, potent combination that make up your particular brand and business.


Why YOU Need to Improve Your Marketing Chops

Your core marketing has to come from you because no one else can be all you are, or know all you do. You can’t really outsource what you don’t understand, or can’t articulate well enough to delegate. BUT … you can learn the basics and get an elemental mastery of marketing with the right tools, coaching and help. Help that empowers you to make more strategic decisions about your marketing and your business.

What You Need Right Now Is Some Marketing Help


You need marketing inspiration and a good teacher!

Yes, a little help. A hand up, a shortcut, a light shining in to the dark marketing chasm. You need help figuring out what parts of marketing you need to learn (and what you CAN outsource), you need some instruction, some coaching and guidance on how to make marketing work more efficiently and effectively for getting you clients.

You need the new InfoHound Marketing Academy

The content here in the InfoHound Marketing Academy is going to take the mystery out of marketing, make it manageable, show you how to plan strategically, and how put it into action without headaches or busting your budget.  You’ll get tips on what works for solo service businesses, what tactics or tools to focus on and which to skip for now. You’ll learn what marketing tasks need to be in your daily ritual and which can wait until the end of the month. You’ll learn at your own pace, have a library of resources, and also get updates and the availability of ‘office hours’ to check on progress and ask questions.

Need more than that? You can add on coaching or one-to-one consultations. And if you hit an area that’s just giving you fits and not worth your time and energy to struggle with – The InfoHound offers some Done For You marketing services.

Ready to Meet Your InfoHound Marketing Academy Admissions Counselor and Get Started Learning?


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